Medical Massage Plano – Myofascial Release Massage

Medical Massage Plano
Medical massage will likely be a different experience for you. While spa-type massages are certainly relaxing and beneficial to overall health and well-being, medical massage is aimed at bringing relief from a specific symptom. One technique I use here at Integrative Medical Massage Plano is myofascial release massage. This therapeutic technique is indicated for muscular pain and tension, restricted range of motion, and muscle spasms.

Myofascial Release Massage Frees Fasciae
Fasciae are thin layers of white connective tissue that surround both the skeletal muscles and the smooth muscle of the internal organs. The fasciae protect these body tissues, keep them in place, and lubricate muscles to enhance their performance. Although connective tissue is tough by nature—after all, it has a big job—under normal conditions, it is also elastic.

Poor posture, repetitive motion, injuries, illness, stress, and other factors turn healthy, “happy” myofascial tissue stiff and sticky, limiting the muscles’ ability to move. Tightness in one region throws the entire body off balance, causing other muscles and joints to compensate. This results in pain not only in the problem area but also throughout the body, which is known as “referred pain”.

Myofascial release massage works to lengthen muscles and loosen connective tissue. Well-lubricated muscles and relaxed fasciae mean freedom of movement and freedom from discomfort. The patient experiences a great deal of relief from the very first session.

At the initial appointment, I will check most of your body for tightness, comparing one spot to another, and ask what sensations you are experiencing. Some clients have a difficult time describing how they feel; by listening to both you and to your body, I can determine which areas need work. Then, I will lightly touch and stretch the soft tissue in those areas, gradually using a bit more pressure and working the entire muscle or muscle group. I will repeat this process in every body part that needs attention.

Myofascial release is generally not painful, as it is not deep-tissue work. In fact, most clients find it enjoyable from the very beginning and even more so as they feel the results over time. Continued treatment works to eliminate trigger points, alleviate overall pain, improve posture and flexibility, and even ease breathing.

If you have been searching for medical massage in Plano, or someone that offers myofascial release massage, please reach out and give me a call. You—and your body—will be glad you did!