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Benefits of Medical Massage Therapy After Surgery

Plano Medical Massage Therapist Alice Brantley

Post-surgical medical massage may be the most rewarding service I provide in my medical massage Plano practice.

Newly discussed as a “breakthrough” by medical doctors, I’ve provided medical massage after surgery for more than 5 years.

Post-surgical, or post-surgery, medical massage consists of several specific techniques which are based in myofascial release, craniosacral, and other therapies. The approach offers several benefits to patient after a procedure.

Benefits of Post-Surgical Medical Massage
It is important to understand what medical massage after surgery can do as well as what it
cannot do. Generally we cannot treat or cure the underlying
condition that the procedure was required for. Post-surgical medical massage
is a tool that speeds recuperation and stimulates the natural healing powers of the body.

First, like most bodywork therapies, the technique serves to relax
muscles and connective tissue. Of course, this alone is sometimes reward enough.

Any patient who has had a recent operation likely felt some nervousness regarding their
preoperative condition and the surgery itself. Someone with an injury or
pain may have been “guarding” the affected area (creating tension or experiencing spasms) for some time. Nervousness and guarding can lead to chronic muscle tension and contractures at a surgical site.

Furthermore, major surgeries, such as amputations or the removal of large organs,
can throw off the body’s center of gravity. Medical massage can help the patient
to compensate and reestablish a sense of balance more quickly.

Another benefit of post-surgical massage is its ability to loosen adhesions and
scar tissue. Adhesions occur after a procedure when swelling causes normally separate
tissues to fuse together irregularly. Moreover, scar tissue forms around incisions, not just
externally but also internally, encouraging the formation of adhesions with internal structures.

Tissue fusion can limit movement and result in a great deal of pain. Correct post-surgical
medical massage can break up adhesions and reduce pain.
Medical massage also stimulates blood circulation. This brings oxygen
and nutrients to the wound site to help the body repair itself.

Not to be underestimated is the ability of medical massage therapy to provide
emotional comfort to the patient. This may be because of an increase the production of pain-
relieving endorphins in the body. The simple matter of human contact in a
non-judgmental environment is invaluable for alleviating anxiety and depression.

Waiting Periods For Medical Massage
Patients who are about to undergo or have already undergone an operation should
arrange for our post-surgery massage immediately. Keep in mind that massage of
any kind is not advisable immediately following a major surgery. For example, the
recommended waiting period after a heart operation would be at least six weeks.

However, it is crucial to schedule and get started on a medical massage regimen
as soon as it is safe. This is because over time, more scar tissue forms, and it
becomes tougher to manipulate.

It is absolutely necessary to obtain clearance from one’s surgeon or physician
before undergoing any massage after a medical procedure.

Post-Surgery Massage Techniques
There are a couple of ways to approach post-surgical massage:

Orthopedic Massage is a general term for massage that addresses the
musculoskeletal system. A variety of techniques is applied to muscles, connective
tissue, and joints. The general goal of orthopedic massage is to release soft tissue
and relieve pain.

Lymphatic drainage reduces pain and inflammation by relieving pressure caused by
excess fluid. When the lymphatic system is functioning well, waste products such as
toxins and dead cells are pulled away from the surgical wound. This stimulates the
immune system and enhances the healing process.

As a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner I am proud to provide the
newest techniques for medical massage after surgery in Plano, Dallas, Frisco and
the surrounding area.

Do you have surgery scheduled or have you recently undergone a procedure?
Then please contact me to find out how I can assist your recovery process.