Plano Medical Massage Therapist Alice BrantleyAlice Brantly, LMT, AMMP

Alice Brantly’s medical massage techniques are informed by a life-long interest in the power of touch to affect people spiritually, emotionally and physically.

A promising young track and field athlete, she was awarded a basketball scholarship to TWU. Educated as a Registered Nurse with extensive additional pre-med study, Alice now devotes herself full time to medical massage therapy as a means of healing.

Her massage approach is strongly influenced by The Upledger Institute (Cranial-sacral Therapy), Vodder Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), and John Barnes Myofascial Release techniques. To these schools of thought Alice brings her comprehensive anatomical knowledge and strongly competitive motivation to “get a result” for the patient.

A massage session with Alice can range from very gentle cranial-sacral work to vigorous medical massage therapy – think accu-pressure using an elbow to quell muscle spasms deep in a hip joint – as is appropriate to the patient’s complaint.

Alice Brantley is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Texas with extensive additional training as a Advanced Certified Medical Massage Therapist. In every massage Alice’s intentions are to deal directly with root causes, and, to make a swift and permanent improvement for her client.

Alice Brantley is committed to positive therapeutic outcomes for each of her clients.